Recording Hardware:

Hammerfall RME 9652 (26 channel sound card)
MOTU 2408 (26 channel sound card)
Computers-Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
44″ Dynex monitor
32″ Vizio monitor
Wireless broadband internet

Recording Software:
Nuendo by Steinberg
Digital Performer by MOTU
Apogee Big Ben master word clock 192k
Black Lion Sparrow White analog to digital converter
Black Lion Sparrow White digital to analog converter
Sony Sound Forge mastering suite
Sonic Foundry CD Architect
(All software is ProTools compatible)
JBL LSR4328 stereo monitors w/room correction
JBL LSR4312sp subwoofer
Yamaha HS80M stereo monitors
Mackie HR824 stereo monitors
M Audio Studio Pro3 stereo monitors
Q mix OZ Audio for 6 head phone mixes
Sennheiser HD600 headphones