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We are ready and waiting to help you with your next studio project, no matter how big or small! Let us help you capture your sound!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide Musicians?

Yes! We work daily with some of Nashville’s most sought after professional musicians, and we can gladly help you find the best players for your session!

Can I bring my own Instruments?

Absolutely! You know your guitar, or bass, best, and we know how to make them sound amazing! Please let us know what you will be bringing when you schedule your session!

Do you book overdubs, bgvs, or vocals only sessions?

We are ready to help you for every project you might have, if you just need to record a single instrument, or vocal, we are here to help! Just provide us with the session (Protools or Cubase), wave stem files, or even mp3’s!

I need background vocals, or a demo vocalist for my song, can you help me ?

Denny Martin Music, has worked for years with some of the most sought after studio vocalists in Nashville, and that great working relationship allows us to secure them for your session no matter the need!

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