“Being a pro songwriter/singer since the 70’s, I’ve become quite meticulous about my demos…The warm rapport he maintains with the musicians, the personal attention he gives every song, and the fact that he has consistently invested in equipment, software & expertise to remain “state of the art”; all these elements can make the difference in getting a song cut…From help in “polishing” your songs, to caring hands in the arrangement & production arena, to choosing from an “A” list of players & singers, I can heartily recommend Denny Martin. “


Alan O'Day

Denny has one of the most impressive gear lists in a private studio. This quality of equipment combined with Denny’s prices make his studio one of the best sonic values in Nashville today!

Paul Scott

“This is the second project I’ve recorded with Denny. As I’ve grown my talent, it’s in a large part to Denny’s ability to tell me the truth about my performance and then help me to make it better. I’ve watched him shape my songs with the concept of team work always put first. I have absolute faith in Denny’s heart and talents. I don’t have to look any further for someone to guide me.”

Jenny Lang

“Denny Martin quite simply has a passion for music & it shows in his productions & in the quality work that comes out of his studio! He takes great care in every detail & works hard to make every project the best it can be! Denny is a joy to work with! His studio is top notch & also provides a wonderful & comfortable environment to work & create in!”

Julie Burton

“The way Denny pours his heart and soul into the development of each song strengthens my belief that there are truly artists who still believe in the power of music.”

Ben Potter

Denny, thank you so much for using your gifts, skills and anointing to make this project better than I ever dreamed it could be. Your insight and gentle encouragement helped me find the courage to come out of the cave and spread my wings once again.”

Kay Crawford