Studio Gear at Denny Martin Music

“In addition to a professional approach, Denny Martin Music offers state of the art gear in a comfortable, friendly studio located on the outskirts of Nashville. The very best sounds come from the very best talent, the very best hands and ears, and the very best gear.“

Recording Hardware:
Hammerfall RME 9652 (26 channel sound card)
MOTU 2408 (26 channel sound card)
Computers-Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
44" Dynex monitor
32" Vizio monitor
Wireless broadband internet

Recording Software:
Nuendo by Steinberg
Digital Performer by MOTU
Apogee Big Ben master word clock 192k
Black Lion Sparrow White analog to digital converter
Black Lion Sparrow White digital to analog converter
Sony Sound Forge mastering suite
Sonic Foundry CD Architect
(All software is ProTools compatible)

JBL LSR4328 stereo monitors w/room correction
JBL LSR4312sp subwoofer
Yamaha HS80M stereo monitors
Mackie HR824 stereo monitors
M Audio Studio Pro3 stereo monitors
Q mix OZ Audio for 6 head phone mixes
Sennheiser HD600 headphones

AKG C414UB vintage large diaphragm condenser
ADK TCMk large diaphragm condenser
Soundelux e250 large diaphragm condenser
Blue Blueberry large diaphragm condenser
Neumann TLM103 large diaphragm condenser
2 AKG C414B-ULS vintage, matched condensers
2 Rode NT1 large diaphragm condensors
Cad Equiteck E100 supercardioid condenser
2 Audio Technica AT4041 cardiod condensers
AKG C1000S Polar pattern condenser
MXL V69 large diaphragm condenser
2 Oktava MK-012 small diaphragm condensers
ADK A-51s large diaphragm condenser
4 Sennheiser MD421 dynamic cardioids
Royer R121 ribbon
Audix i5 dynamic cardioid
Electrovoice N/D257A dynamic cardioid
Electrovoice N/D868 dynamic cardioid
AKG Pro25 dynamic
AKG D112 dynamic
Radial Pro Direct Box
Horizon Isoline-2 Line level/splitter box

Vintek 573 pre-amp
Shadow Hills GAMA pre-amp w/variable transformers
ART Pro Channel pre-amp, eq, compressor
1 API 2500 2 channel compressor
1 API 3124+ 4 channel preamps
1 Avalon VT737sp Tube preamp/eq/compressor
1 Avalon VT737 (Baby Face) Tube preamp/eq/compressor
1 TL Audio C1 2 channel preamp/tube compressor
1 Tube-Tech LCA-2B 2 channel limiter/compressor
1 Great River MP-2 NV mercenary edition 2 channel preamp
1 ART dual MP 2 channel preamp
1 UA Solo/610 1 channel mic pre/DI
Lexicon PCM81 effects processor
TC Electronics M3000 effects processor
4 Yamaha O2R96 board effects processors
3 48point Samson patch bays

Software plugins:
Trigger 2 sound replacement
1 UAD2 Universal Audio card & all available plugins
Waves Diamond Bundle
Izotope Ozone 4 mastering plugin
Melodyne & Melodyne Editor DNA tuning software
AutoTune Evo tuning software
Native Instruments Kontakt 2-sound generator
Drumagog-sound replacement

Sound treatment:

Additional equipment:
Gretsch full drum set-4 toms
Korg Triton EXT61keyboards

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