Just Say When


©Jaimee Paul/Alan O’Day/Denny Martin
615 361 6073

You come to me for sympathy, when she tells you a lie
Cryin' on my shoulder, when my lips are right near by
I'm tired of holdin' back, the words I wanna say
I don't wanna lose a pal, but I'm willin' to make a trade

JUST SAY WHEN, if you wanna be more than friends
I've got some love I'd like to make
Baby you can squeeze me, I won't break
We could be, in a paradise you and me
But until then, I'll remind you again JUST SAY WHEN

Should I be a damsel in distress, so you can save the day
Should I pretend that I'm naive, so you can have your way
I could stand and strike a pose, like a marble statuette
But I don't see a chance for me, if I'm playin' hard to get


Don't you wanna kiss and hug me
Come on strong, go on and love me
Let's not waste that big ol' moon
Wake up and smell the perfume


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